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Justin stands with public schools, students, and educators. Instead of turning his back on Texas public schools, Justin will work to strengthen them.

Public Schools

Justin will fully enforce the promise of Art. 7 of the Texas Constitution—it requires that all Texas students receive an education. Justin will ensure that every child in Texas receives the education that they are entitled to and every teacher receives the support that they need.

As Attorney General, Justin will shine daylight on reckless and irresponsible actors like Empower Texans who seek to decimate our public school system.

School Safety

Justin is the father of three young kids. Like all parents, he now thinks of the unthinkable when he drops his kids off at school.

The majority of Texans and Americans agree that we can increase school safety consistent with the Second Amendment. Justin will be a voice for common-sense solutions by engineering dialogue with school officials, teachers, parents, students, the Department of Public Safety, and sportsmen to confront gun violence in the schools head-on, to make Texas schools the safest in the nation.

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