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Friends: This is my big ask of you. Please spread the word and share on Facebook, Tweet, and email friends & family about the Texas Attorney General race — especially to your Independent and Republican friends.

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Home Page

For people who are just getting to know Justin and need an overview of the campaign.

Vison Page

For people who are are curious about issues and want to know about Justin’s plans.

Videos Page

For people who have a sense of humor and/or prefer to SEE what Justin is all about.

Donate Page

For people who already know about Justin and might be ready to lend their support.


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Regardless of whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, everyone should vote for Justin Nelson #NelsonForTexas because he is by far the most qualified person for the chief lawyer of Texas.

Justin Nelson is running for Texas Attorney General against Ken Paxton, who is currently indicted by a grand jury and faces decades in prison. Visit the #NelsonForTexas website to learn more about Justin’s campaign.

.@HoustonChron endorses Justin Nelson for Texas Attorney General: “This is it. This is the race. The election for attorney general offers the single best reason for a Texas Republican to cross over and vote for a Democratic candidate.”

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Thank you for taking the time to share. PEOPLE WILL LISTEN TO YOU. Personal outreach matters. Together, we can win. Again, thank you!

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