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Justin Nelson
For Texas Attorney General

“Everyone equal under the law.
Including the Attorney General.”

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My name is Justin Nelson. I’m a husband, a father of three, a lawyer, a professor at UT Law School, a former law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the founder of the non-profit One Nation One Vote, and a native Texan.

I’m also running as a Democrat for Attorney General of Texas. And believe it or not, I have a chance to win.

Actually, WE have a chance to win. A chance to fight against fraud. A chance to protect consumers. A chance to ensure every vote counts. And more importantly, a chance to stand up for the rule of law.

I am NOT a politician. Yet, with your help, I can be the first Democratic elected official in Texas in 24 years. And I can do it fairly, and honestly.

Unlike our current Attorney General, Ken Paxton, I’m not under indictment for defrauding my friends and clients, and I won’t swipe your $1,000 pen.

Ken Paxton has spent too long working on the side of special interests instead of doing his job to protect Texans. His indictment is a disgrace to Texas. An Attorney General should enforce the law, not break the law.

From rejecting consumer protections to helping gerrymander Texas to refusing to investigate health care fraud to trying to get rid of protections against pre-existing conditions, Paxton’s priorities ignore the needs of the people that he swore to serve.

I will work for ALL Texans, not for special interests.
I will work to stop corruption, fraud, and government waste.
I will work to safeguard consumer protections.
I will work to ensure everyone is treated equally under the law.

In fact, my work for you starts NOW. And defeating Ken Paxton is the first thing on my list.

Thank you for standing with me. Let’s do this!

Justin Nelson

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