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My Vision

My vision is simple: all Texans should be treated equally under the law, with a sensible approach to key issues, and detailed plans to address what matters most to Texans.

The Texas Attorney General is the lawyer for the people of Texas. Here’s what I will do as Texas Attorney General to fight for ALL Texans:

The Issues

  • Fighting Corruption

    Aug 23, 2018

    Justin believes that the Texas Attorney General should be a check on power and fight corruption. As Texas Attorney General, Justin will protect and defend the Texas Ethics Commission.

  • Education

    Aug 23, 2018

    Justin stands with public schools, students, and educators. Instead of turning his back on Texas public schools, Justin will work to strengthen them.

  • Consumer Protection

    Aug 23, 2018

    Our incumbent Attorney General has failed in his duty to enforce Texas’s consumer protection laws and protect vulnerable communities. Justin will prosecute any bad actor who violates Texas law.

  • Protecting Seniors

    Aug 23, 2018

    Justin stands with Texas seniors. Justin knows that ensuring the safety and welfare of our seniors is of utmost importance. Justin will use the full power of his office to enforce protections for our senior citizens.

  • Healthcare

    Feb 12, 2018

    Justin believes in protecting access to health care, not eliminating it. He will maintain protections for pre-existing conditions, fight for women’s health, and crack down on insurance companies

  • Immigration

    Feb 12, 2018

    Justin knows that a Texas Attorney General can both enforce the law and maintain a respect for human rights. Justin will end support for family separation and eliminating DACA, while protecting Texans from real threats at the border.

  • Democracy and Gerrymandering

    Aug 23, 2018

    Protecting our voting rights and creating fair districts are integral to a healthy, functioning democracy. Justin will fight for the democratic rights and democratic values of all Texans—not just special interests.

  • Criminal Justice

    Feb 12, 2018

    We need to work together across party lines to reform our criminal justice system so that we have a criminal justice system that works for everyone. Justin will convene all interested stakeholders in a collaborative process to make Texas a model for the country.

  • Child Support Reform

    Aug 23, 2018

    As a father, Justin understands the necessity of caring for the most vulnerable among us—children. Justin will fully enforce Texas law to ensure that all Texas children receive the support they deserve.

Voters should pick their politicians, not the other way around.

"Walk the Lines" is our initiative to END partisan gerrymandering. Organize a walk, run, ride, or pub crawl along your district line today!

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Help us fight to keep healthcare for millions of Americans.

Our indicted Texas Attorney General is suing to strip away healthcare coverage from millions of Americans with preexisting conditions.

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