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Justin Nelson’s
Natural Disaster Relief Plan

As a Houston native, Justin understands the importance of protecting Texans during natural disasters and having a Texas Attorney General who will fight for all Texans in such critical times.

Justin made his announcement after touring a Houston neighborhood that was ravaged by Harvey and is still awaiting the assistance it needs in order to rebuild. He vowed to protect the Texas families that indicted incumbent Ken Paxton has left at risk.

Justin Nelson at Houston Harvey cleanup site

Justin Nelson at Houston Harvey cleanup site

Justin gave the following statement while announcing his plan:

“As a legislator, Ken Paxton protected the profits of insurance companies, not the lives, homes, and businesses of everyday Texans. As attorney general, he has chosen to help the insurance companies and fraudsters who line his pockets at the expense of the health and welfare of the people he has sworn to serve. This should not surprise us, since Paxton himself faces decades in prison for fraud. I will fight for all Texans, regardless of party. It’s time to clean up Texas and fight the corruption that still hurts us one year after Harvey.”

Justin Nelson will be an attorney general who will clean up Texas for all Texans. He will:

  1. Create a team of insurance watchdogs to investigate reports of malfeasance related to the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association and all other state-backed insurers of last resort. This team will ensure that no Texas family pays the price for TWIA’s misconduct.
  2. Aggressively investigate and prosecute all incidences of illegal price-gouging and other fraudulent activity during and after disasters. Instead of merely seeking restitution, Nelson will seek full punitive damages to punish any responsible party, no matter how powerful.
  3. Create a specialized team of disaster and post-disaster-response attorneys and experts that will activate during a state of emergency. This team will investigate, report on, and enforce the state’s disaster-management protocols, evacuation and shelter requirements, and post-disaster environmental standards.

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