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Nelson for Texas Videos

See the latest videos from Justin Nelson, Democratic candidate for Texas Attorney General.

TV Ad – Top Cop Oct 16, 2018

Ken Paxton is supposed to be the Top Cop of Texas, but he can’t follow the law himself. He is indicted for fraud and faces up to 99 years in prison.

Justin Nelson is an experienced lawyer who will fight corruption and be a check on power. Vote Justin Nelson for Texas Attorney General!

Differences Oct 31, 2018

In the race for Texas Attorney General, the differences between Justin Nelson and Indicted Ken Paxton are as big as Texas.

Parents and Grandparents Oct 26, 2018

El Procurador General de Texas debe proteger a nuestros padres y abuelos que están en hogares de ancianos. Sin embargo, llevamos a la nación en el abuso de ancianos. Los Tejanos merecen mejor!

The Texas Attorney General is supposed to protect our parents and grandparents in nursing homes, yet we lead the nation in elderly abuse. Texans deserve better!

Ken Paxton: Pen Thief Sep 21, 2018

Ken Paxton is used to finding himself in hot water – he’s currently indicted for felony fraud and is facing up to 99 years in prison. But did you know he was also caught on security camera stealing a $1000 pen?

Carol on the Street! Oct 12, 2018

Carol Nelson, Justin Nelson’s mom, hit the streets to spread the word about her son’s campaign for Texas Attorney General!

A Ken Paxton Halloween Oct 31, 2018

Our young staffers had some fun with their Halloween costumes.

Justin Responds to a Critic Oct 19, 2018

A critic interrupted Justin at a recent campaign event in Texarkana. Check out the conversation that followed!

As Texas Attorney General, Justin will fight for ALL Texans, regardless of political party.

An Attorney General for All Texans Sep 26, 2018

The Texas Attorney General is the lawyer for the people of Texas. Here’s what I will do as Texas Attorney General to fight for ALL Texans

Justin Nelson: Indictment Explainer Sep 17, 2018

Justin gets asked on the campaign trail, “what exactly is an indictment?” and “how can Ken Paxton run for office if he is indicted?” We thought we would take a minute to explain what it means to be indicted.

Recipe: Indictment Birthday Cake! Aug 2, 2018

On August 3rd, 2015, Indicted Ken Paxton was arrested, booked, and had his mugshot taken. Since Paxton’s criminal charges just turned three, here’s a delicious way to celebrate their birthday!

Justin Nelson for Attorney General – Stop Ken Paxton from targeting our schools and teachers! Oct 5, 2018

Justin Nelson is a proud product of Texas public schools. Justin’s mom was a schoolteacher until the day before Justin was born.

Ken Paxton, the indicted current Texas Attorney General, has targeted teachers, administrators, students, and is an ardent supporter of vouchers. Stop Ken Paxton from targeting our public schools!

Firefighters for Justin Nelson! Oct 8, 2018

The Texas State Association of Fire Fighters and the Austin Fire Fighters Association have endorsed Justin Nelson, the Democratic nominee for Texas Attorney General!

Check out this video and make sure to share it!

Justin Nelson: Fighting for Coverage of Preexisting Conditions Oct 7, 2018

I am proud to stand up and fight for Texans’ access to health care. My indicted opponent, on the other hand, is suing to strip protections for people with preexisting medical conditions – not just from Texans, but from ALL Americans.

Join me in the fight for health care!

Justin Nelson: Fighting Against Gerrymandering! Oct 27, 2018

Partisan gerrymandering corrodes our democracy. Watch and share so all Texans can see how I will fight gerrymandering as the next Texas Attorney General!

Justin Nelson’s Plan for the Rape Kit Backlog Oct 5, 2018

Rape kits should be tested quickly and efficiently. Survivors should be helped and supported.

Standing Up for Justice Oct 1, 2018

The Texas Attorney General should stand up for values – values like justice, fairness, and integrity. And not because those values are Republican values or Democratic values, but because they are Texan values and American values.

Paxton: Happy to Debate? Jul 25, 2018

Ken Paxton says he’s “happy to debate anybody on the issues.” Well, that makes two of us. Let’s debate.

TX Republican Group Chat Jun 29, 2018

The latest UT/Texas Tribune poll has Republicans talking. Dan Patrick, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, and Greg Abbott to be precise. But where’s Ken Paxton?

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