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Justin believes in protecting access to health care, not eliminating it. He will maintain protections for pre-existing conditions, fight for women’s health, and crack down on insurance companies

Access to Health Insurance

Justin believes that all Texans deserve access to health insurance that does not discriminate. This means health insurance that covers pre-existing conditions and does not charge women more than men. It means that young adults under 26 can stay on their parents’ health care plan. Justin’s opponent Ken Paxton wants to end those protections. Justin will immediately end the practice of filing political lawsuits that would deny Texans access to the healthcare they need.

Justin will fight to ensure that Texans with pre-existing conditions maintain their healthcare coverage, make certain that insurance companies treat Texans fairly, and ensure that the government saves taxpayer money by fighting healthcare fraud.

Protecting Pre-Existing Conditions

Health insurance should cover pre-existing conditions. It seems like all Texans and all Americans believe that, except Justin’s opponent Ken Paxton. Paxton is leading the charge nationwide to end protections for pre-existing conditions.

Women’s Health

Justin will strongly enforce all legal protections for women’s healthcare and work to lower Texas’s sky-high maternal mortality rate. Women’s healthcare should not be a political issue. Taking away pre-existing condition protections will only make women’s health and maternal health worse. Insurance companies should not discriminate because you are a woman.

No Discrimination

Insurance companies used to be able to charge more solely because you are a woman. That is wrong. Ken Paxton wants to go back to that time, where companies could charge more because you are a woman or because you are of child-bearing age. Justin will fight to ensure no Texan is discriminated against for health insurance coverage.

Healthcare Protections

You shouldn’t have to hire a lobbyist to get the health care you need. Those entrusted by Texas to provide health care to its citizens must put the health and safety of Texans first. As Attorney General, Justin will stand up to crack down on insurance companies that put profits over patient care.

Opioid Crisis

The opioid epidemic is near its worst in Texas. In 2015, this crisis cost Texans almost $2 billion.

Many of the cities with the highest rates of opioid addiction and abuse nationwide are here in Texas, from Amarillo to Texarkana.

Justin supports comprehensive solutions to the opioid epidemic that do not involve huge contributions from pharmaceutical companies. This includes aggressive action against opioid manufacturers who falsely market dangerous prescription painkillers. Justin will enforce the laws of Texas to maximize the protection of consumers. Justin has already introduced a three-point plan to help solve Texas’s opioid crisis.

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