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Trump endorses Corrupt Ken Paxton

Did you see Trump’s endorsement on Twitter today of Corrupt Ken Paxton, our indicted Attorney General? The President just endorsed an Attorney General who’s been charged with criminal fraud and investigated for bribery. Trump should change his slogan to #MACA – Make America Corrupt Again.

Texans don’t want a rubber stamp for Trump’s Washington Agenda. Texans want a check on power.

We need a voice who will speak for all Texans. Make a $5 contribution to stand up for democracy and show that we’re ready to win in November.

With just a couple days left of early voting, Democrats are outpacing Republicans at the polls. We’re sure that Donald Trump and his Texas friends have seen the numbers — Democratic turnout is 69% higher at the same time this year than it was in 2014. What’s more is that Democratic voter turnout is exceeding that of 2016, a presidential election year.

Here’s how you can keep the momentum going and rid Texas of corruption: contribute $5 today to elect an attorney general who will fight against fraud and special interests.

We’re up against huge corporate dollars in a state that hasn’t elected a Democrat to statewide office in 24 years. But we have seen the energy, and voters of all parties do not want an Attorney General charged with criminal fraud for defrauding his friends and clients. Donations like yours make our campaign winnable. Let’s set an example of what a fair democracy should be and elect an Attorney General who will speak truth to power.

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