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Our Fundamental Right to Vote

Justin Nelson and Family Voting

As my wife and I brought the kids with us to vote this week, we shared with them how voting is a right we can’t take for granted. Throughout our country’s history, citizens have marched, protested, and even died to protect the foundation of our democracy. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen politicians try to discourage voter turnout to keep political power.

Today, we can see an example of this behavior in our indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton. He’s trying to bully school districts to stop voter education programs.

It’s time to vote out Ken Paxton. We need an Attorney General who believes the right to vote is fundamental to democracy. This race is winnable. We’ve already seen advertisements by Republicans calling Paxton corrupt. And we’ve seen the tremendous energy in the early vote totals so far–with Democratic turnout surging. In 2010 and 2014, early vote percentages after one week were predictive of the final result in November. If that’s the case this time, we will win!

Tomorrow, Friday, March 2nd, is the last day of early voting. Check your location here. Election Day is Tuesday, March 6.

After the polls close on March 6, we’ll be hosting a Victory Party in Austin together with the Texas Democratic Party and the Travis County Democratic Party at Scholz Garten (1607 San Jacinto Blvd in Austin). If you’re in the area, we hope you’ll join us.

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