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Today’s Endorsement From the Democratic Attorneys General Association

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Last night, I officially won the Democratic nomination for Texas Attorney General! We saw huge increases in voter turnout! I’m excited to take my message of fighting against corruption and fraud and fighting for justice and the rule of law across Texas.

Texans are ready for an end to corruption, an end to gerrymandering, and an end to government by special interests. Texans are ready to get rid of indicted Ken Paxton. I got into this race because Texas deserves a better attorney general. We have a winnable race, and I’m excited for your support!

If you’re ready for an attorney general who fights for all Texans and who will stand against corruption and special interests, donate $5.

Today, I received the endorsement of Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA). They, along with others, recognize that we have a winnable race — and perhaps the most interesting one, especially with the stark contrast between Ken Paxton and myself. To get an even better idea of the contrast, check out DAGA’s new website –

On to November.


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