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How did the Paxtons go from $30k to $3M?

How did the Paxtons go from $30k to $3M

Image via Phillip Huffines YouTube

Have you seen Phillip Huffines’ latest ad?

He’s a Republican running against Angela Paxton for state Senate and he has something to say about our indicted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and his wife. Somehow, during Ken Paxton’s time as a “public servant” their holdings went from $30,000 to $3,000,000.

Even Texas Republicans know that Ken Paxton has abused his office, played favorites, and put special interests above the interests of Texas families. As the ad says, “public service pays surprisingly well” for the Paxtons.

Help us defeat Ken Paxton in November and get rid of the corruption of the Texas political class.

This is the same Ken Paxton who believes that civic education in our public schools amounts to electioneering. The same Ken Paxton who used his campaign funds to guarantee a two million dollar loan to his wife’s political campaign. The same Ken Paxton facing criminal charges of securities fraud. We can’t allow this man continue to be the chief law enforcement officer of our state while he shows so little respect for the law himself.

Ads like this remind me why I ran for Attorney General in the first place. Texans deserve an honest broker, someone who will apply the law equally despite wealth or party.

Through my time clerking for Sandra Day O’Connor, teaching my students about the Constitution, starting a non-profit, and working as a lawyer, I know what makes a good Attorney General: Respect the law, treat everyone with respect, and defend the Texas Constitution.

I know we can win this race. But we need your help. Commit to rejecting fraud and helping us defeat Ken Paxton this November.

Those who know Ken Paxton call him corrupt, but what about those who don’t know him?

Many Texans don’t know we have a Texas Attorney General who is indicted for criminal fraud — for defrauding his friends and clients. We will win this race if all Texans know the contrast between me and my opponent. Help us spread the message about this race. This is a winnable race, and with your help, we will win.

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