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Nelson’s Notes from the Campaign Trail, Vol. 1

Justin Nelson Speaking in Corpus Christi TX - Feb 2018

Photo by Nate Walker


Over the course of the campaign, I’ll be sending regular updates about what our campaign’s been doing. We’ve had a great start to the campaign so far. We are focused on beating Ken Paxton in the fall.

Right now, most folks running for office here in Texas are concerned about winning their primary election on March 6. Luckily for me, I won the Democratic nomination on December 11 when nobody filed against me.

I’m confident I can win the primary with nobody else on the ballot against me! So we’ll have a big victory party on March 6 in Austin. More details later, but please join us.

On January 15, we reported our fourth quarter fundraising numbers — over $900,000. In 7 weeks, we reported more money than Ken Paxton did over 6 months. He still has more money in the bank than we do, but I am confident that with your help we will have the resources to get our message out and fully fund our campaign.

We’ve been encouraged by our polling, which shows that we have a lead against Ken Paxton once voters compare my credentials against an Attorney General who has been indicted for criminal fraud.

And we’ve been across Texas — from Houston to Dallas to San Antonio to Corpus Christi to Brownsville to Austin and back. As one article noted, I’ve been “relishing” my time on the campaign trail.

Above is a picture of me speaking this past weekend in Corpus Christi, where I spoke with Congressman Filemon Vela of Brownsville and U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto from Nevada. My dad was born and raised in Corpus, and it was great to see so many friendly faces in the crowd!

I also took a few weeks off from traveling while my wife and I waited for our third child to arrive. In late January, Elizabeth gave birth to our third child, a healthy baby boy!

As I write this, I’m on the road to Dallas to speak at an event later today. And we’ll continue to travel the state to get our message out that we need an Attorney General who will fight for all the people of Texas, and who, as our Pledge of Allegiance states, believes in Justice for All!

As a reminder, early voting in Texas begins on February 20th.

Together we can win this race!

See you on the campaign trail,


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