Integrity vs. Indictment

Vote Justin Nelson.

When you compare Justin Nelson to Ken Paxton, the choice is clear for who you want to hire as Texas’ top lawyer.

Justin Nelson…

  • Will restore integrity to the Attorney General’s office. Justin believes that no one should be above the law.

  • Will serve as a check on power. He’s not a rubber stamp for anyone – whether in Washington DC or Austin.

  • Will stand up for the rule of law and believes that the law comes before politics.

  • Named one of Texas’ top lawyers, teaches at University of Texas Law School, and worked for two Reagan-appointed judges, including Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

Ken Paxton…

  • Currently under felony indictment for securities fraud and is facing up to 99 years in prison.

  • Cannot serve on a jury or own a gun because of his felony indictments.

  • His net worth increased from $30k to $3 million while in public service, and was investigated for bribery.

  • Is the top law enforcement officer of Texas but can’t follow the law himself.

Voting for the Texas Attorney General is deciding who we want to hire as the top lawyer for Texas. On November 6, choose the candidate who will uphold the rule of law and will fight against corruption. We need an Attorney General who will enforce the law, not break it. Vote for Justin Nelson.

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